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Ranjit Makkuni, poem, Music and Goddess, 2013.
"When I go to bed...
.. and look at the sky....
.I.. say.....
....Thank Goddess
There is Music!" 
Music Goddess, Music and Goddess ehibition by Ranjit Makkuni


Gallery Views


Musical Landscapes @
National Museum, New Delhi

Dr. Karan Singh, some one who simultaneously excels in both Asian  Philosophy and Political practice recites the eulogies to the Goddess and opens the show!

Through a collection of interactive exhibits employing new musical synthesis based on traditional grammar, interactive multimedia installations and recordings of performances by masters, the project will allow viewers to enter the world of sound, musical landscapes, and its cultural and spiritual aesthetics.

Wave and Vibrations

Waves and Vibration, gallery!

Reflections of Music in Goddess Imagery across Asia
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Goddess Saraswati
Celestial Musicians, Thailand
book cover 1 (2).jpg
Dewi Saraswati, Java
Celestial Angels, Myanmar
Goddess Guanyin, the one who listens to prayers only presented through Music
Goddess Tuyathadi, Goddess of Music, Myanmar
Musical jewelry of the Apsara
Prayer station: Planting music to 'green' the Modern Hyperconnected Info Man.
Ranjit Makkuni, Monk's prayer bowls, Music and Goddess.
Celestial vibrations and music in the monk's begging bowls.
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Transformations of the Goddess of Learning across Asia.

Her body of Music, showing musical interfaces to the Goddess of Music.

Gallery Magic Strings.

Gallery view. 

Musical handshakes with the Prince! Mapu Singh.
Temples of Music

Gallery view, Temples of Music.

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Temple roofs as a Piano.
why music?
Why Goddess?
Vision Statement and Overview.
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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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Ranjit Makkuni, museum design, leading asia designer
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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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