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Dont let the Ego sabotage your bliss.

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Re charge, Re brace and Boot-strap 

Designers face two opposing pulls. With the ego they act on and interact with the world,  but when the ego gets attached to excessive need for attention and begins self harm, the only thing that could save the situation is for one to step back into  solitude and silence:  Here the ego, through meditative practice, is told  to recede into the background and fade away and get back to the "rea you."


These are diametrically opposite  positions or states of the "self."  


So, when the party is over,  we reflect how can we keep our ego in balance and strip various external identities  down to less and less, where the loud voice of the 'I as doer' slowly fades and disappears, and what remains is pure consciousness.  

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Meditation 1

How do we trade off what you want to get done with what the universe allows you to get done-- i.e., what the universe doles out to you. 


Meditation 2 

Gratitude for the blessings in our life.

Instead of swinging between the two poles of elated ecstacy and deep depression, just chill and roughly stay within and around  the 50-60% band.

Meditation 3

Leave the graphs behind, and dive back into silence. Dive back into the that part of you which is pre-thought, and even if bad memories come up, just observe them and let them go.   

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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
ranjit makkuni stripes
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mobile device design ranjit makkuni
tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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