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Goddesses of Music

Healing the Hyper connected Man 

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The exhibition demonstrates new ways in which people can directly create music and become in situated in a "musical' composition, directly sit or stand in the 'mix.'
In an era of rapid technology and an age of information anxiety,  the exhibition on music and ‘solitude’ shows healing alternatives of re-‘centering’ available in the of traditional music. Newly  designed musical instruments in the exhibition allow people to  ‘tune in’ and recharge to brace for an environment of change.

Over the past decade people have been the recipients of physiological  and psychological stress, the effects of the tremendous rate of change created information technology in various spheres. In the past, it took sixty years for a technology to be invented, adopted and refined to remain stable. The same technology innovation and adoption cycle has now been compressed to five years today.

The shrinking of time has many stressful – it makes educational systems, skills, curricula obsolete in no time. 

People need to constantly learn and reinvent themselves. As a result people today live in a state of tremendous anxiety and insecurity, created a 24/7 on culture with no breaks for solitude. 

In contrast to this constancy of change, traditional music practices provide  us valuable examples of technologies and genres that have stabilized for  long periods of time, over time, handed down to us as collective inheritances. 

(c) 2010-present, Ranjit Makkuni, Sacred World Design/Research Lab.

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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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