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Mon's bowl allows people to make merit, from Ranjit Makkuni's Music and Goddess exhibition.

Design for De-stress

calm and
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Lying hidden in the practice of the world’s traditional art forms are the time-tested secrets of well-being.

Over the past decade, people have been prone to deep physiological and psychological stresses induced by a 24/7, ‘always on’ culture of clutter and distraction, remaining addicted to ‘updates’ with no breaks for calm and solitude.


As such, change has become the constant today, whereas traditional music and artistic practices, especially those from Asia, have, in contrast, illustrated examples of melodic and rhythmic technologies that have remained stable for thousands of years. They were handed down as collective inheritances that allow everyone to experience peace, calm and well-being.

When music is created or performed, it ‘lights up’ wide regions of the brain, creates calm, and fosters deeper bonding if played together with other people.

The integration focus on hand skills, gestures and body movements in the instrument performance interface not only produces melody and rhythm, but also leads musicians to a heightened state of exaltation!

Building upon these insights, my work creates new instrument designs for destress, which allows practitioners to enter their inner reservoir of healing.

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destress 1-min.jpg

Meditation on the Moment

Just watch the ripples of vibration, and  check out of worries. By focusing on the present moment the student becomes lost in the beauty of the oscillations and vibration of the Goddess wave editor, which allows exploration of the propagation of a scientific wave as well as a meditation on the beauty of the Goddess perceived as vibration. 


Borobudur – Temples of Music installation. The Borobudur monument consists of Yantra, a powerful visual diagram that automatically aids in the concentration from the fluttering of wandering thoughts.  The temple has square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with many Buddha statues. Touching the minarets allow people to play back synchronized tracks, vocal and instrumental, of the multilayered Javanese Gamelan orchestra. This collective ritual of focussing on the geometric form and assigning musical layers to all minarets allow people to  participate in a collective social gathering ritual, dissolving teh individual self.

Arranging minarets of Bourabodour, from Ranjit Makkuni's Music and Goddess exhibition.

Connect to Nature

flute tree gal  (1).jpg

Flute Tree, Blowing on the sculpture plays back calm flute passages.

We have always desired that the plant Kingdom  interacts back with our musical words. After all many instruments are made of plant based materials. Plants communicate with each other through messages in the soil; so embracing plants and trees is a means to release stress, and connect to a network of trees.

Making Merit

Making merit is an important activity in South East Asian Buddhist tradition. Making offerings to monks has been a means for people to come to terms with downside of life, and the assumption that one needs to clean one's accumulated Karmas with positive deeds to reach a state of worry less, peace..


In this installation, placing coins in the bowl creates celestial musical compositions incorporating the sound textures of the rolling, swirling coin inside the bowl. Placing offerings in a monk’s begging bowl is a common ritual in Southeast Asia; this installations hence transforms this ritual into music. 

Making merit by placing coins in the bowls, and listening to celestial sounds as instant karma. From Ranjit Makkuni's Music and Goddess exhibition.

In the Planet health exhibition we explored the question of whether people can interact with organic breathing materials and surfaces while they compute and interact with their information worlds. 

DSC_7648 - Copy.png

Hardware Detox


Huggable Interface

Hugging the lotus plays back calming melodies depending on your level of stress.


(c) Ranjit Makkuni, Sacred World Design/Research Lab

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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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