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Winner A Award, Italy,2014
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Children's workshops at

National Gallery of

Modern Art, Mumbai

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Graphic Guide Glow Sign on Main Board Outside 150 X 550 cm.  (
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Students'musical experience workshop.

Smt. Prema Nayanar and Kumkum Somani visit the exhibition.

Children form an orderly que to see the transformation of the Goddess images across Asia.


Music and Goddess.


The 5 elements and Music. 
Water as Goddess.


The Goddess' clothes are Music.

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Mountain of drums and musical chairs.


Tree of Music.


Green Minarets plays back songs dedicated to eco-consciousness.


Kayagum, the Korean lute.

Musical Pillow, Ranjit makkuni

Pillows pf Music.

Gallery views.

The Science of Vibration-- Gallery view.

One of the
world’s first explorations showing the
relationship between

the Sacred feminine and Music.

Gallery view.

Children listen to the earliest chanting

Exploration of Vac Devi-- one of the earliest examples illustrating the establishment of correspondence between music and the feminine form!

Gallery views.


Huggable lotus. Interactive music and gestures.

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Children line to have a try at the Lalita Sahasranama installation, an interactive installation that plays back 1000 eulogy to the Great Goddess!

In an era of rapid technology provoked changes, and an age of information anxiety, the exhibition on music and ‘solitude’ shows healing alternatives of re-‘centering’ available in the practice of traditional music.
Newly designed musical instruments in the exhibition allow people to ‘tune in’ and recharge to brace for an environment of change.

Music and Goddess -- Project Summary

Musical Landscapes and the Goddess of Music  exhibition presents advances in interactive art through an exploration of the science, art and spirituality of Music, and its reflections in the Goddess images across Asian cultures.

Through a collection of interactive exhibits employing new musical synthesis based on traditional grammar, interactive multimedia installations and recordings of performances by masters, the project will allow viewers to enter the world of sound, musical landscapes, and its cultural and spiritual aesthetics. 

The project presents both traditional and new instruments based on Indian Sitar, Burmese Saung Harp, Thai Xylophone,  Korean Kayagum, Chinese Guzheng and Pipa, Vietnamese Dan Tranh,  Javanese & Balinese Gamelan, chanting, and others.  New instruments with embedded computation demonstrate interactions through gesture, touch, pull, movement, gaze and kinesthetic action. In addition, through responsive computing, people by their position, gesture, and movements control musical events in the exhibition environment. 

Taken in total, the ideas presented present a vision for the design of society centered on Innovation, Well Being and Compassion.

Gallery views.

(c) 2007-present, Ranjit Makkuni, Sacred World Design/Research Lab

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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
ranjit makkuni stripes
Ranjit Makkuni, museum design, leading asia designer
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mobile device design ranjit makkuni
tree of life by Ranjit Makkuni
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